The Game of Love...and How To Play It

Why the "Games" of Love ?



Is Love a Game? 

What do you feel when I call It like this? Do you approve or disapprove? 

Do you think love is just supposed to happen and flow, without any rules or interference? Like life? 

But doesn’t life have rules? Aren't there people that are more successful at life than others, people we admire and we wish we were more like them ? 

Is it because they are lucky, that they inherited money, that life gave them something that didn't give to others... to you ? Or are they the ones who understood that there are rules that govern life and made the better of it, learned and invested themselves 

until they became successful at their desired field? This site is a resource for those who are ready to learn and to give their best in every field, especially this one, which so important in everyone's life.  Education is a powerful "light" showing us the way to achieve what we want for ourselves in any specific domain. 

Then, there are also some of us who didn't have the luck to grow in a "loving" environment or those who have been exposed to bad examples of love. To some, love can seem like foreign language, everything just comes tumbling down. If that's your case, and you can't figure out why love doesn't come easy for you, you can also learn more here. 

Having read and experimented a lot in this field, I saw the insight that knowing how love works brings, the understanding and the transformation. I want to share this with you: what I learned and the resources that I consider important to help master the game. Some of the content comes free (all advice and blog articles on this site). Some ressources come from thirs parties, have been personnaly tested and I can recomend withought hesitation. You will have to pay for them (as I did, in my own process of learning) in order to dive deeper in that knowledge. I think it's only fair, we invest a lot more in objects we don’t really need, so if you fell the need to be thightfisted on this important area of life, maybe ask yourself again why is love such gibberish for you?

One you invest in your knledge about love, you will be delighted to see the results and your partner benefit from your knowledge as well. It will spark interest and motivate him to upgrade his own game. Just learn one love hack and see how it plays in your love life, either you are dating or in a couple. When I say "games", I don't mean "to manipulate", I mean fun learning. If you take love as a game, you will stress less and you might actually have fun! 

Finally, let's be honest: which game is more delightful and exciting, one played by beginners or one played by masters? The better you play, the longer the game is ON! 

Get onboard, learn the rules of the oldest and most exciting game on Earth and go play! 


Tell Us How it's Going for You!

Read the articles and, by all means, go out there and practice! Practice brings mastery. We want to know if our advice helps you improve your game in the field of love, what questions or challenges you encounter and how to help you even more! Talk to us about your game!